Lipo-Lite On Candelaria

Wanna drop a size or two or three
by Spring, lose that pandemic phlab,
feel great about your body?

Wanna do it WITHOUT vigorous
exercise or dieting?

I do! I know you do too!

Let’s face it, we all have problem/fatty areas on our bodies, areas we are not happy with, areas that never seem to look or feel acceptable to us.

With everything else that is going on these days, why not take the easy route and fix those tough areas once and for all. If you are like me, vigorous exercise is just not something I’m interested in spending much time doing anymore. Dieting? Though I eat very healthy most of the time, I’m not a huge fan of this option either.

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3321 Candelaria NE ABQ,NM 87107 Ste #130

There is a new, painless, easy and trending procedure that works!
It definitely works and its time to be bold,
bare it all and love your whole body!
What is it? What is it?

Lipo-Light is the answer!
The high intesity light energy penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the fat cell. This stimulation opens the cell wall allowing the fat to escape the fat cell and will then break down the contents allowing the excess fat to be removed. The LED system has a far higher absorption rate as opposed to other laser treatment therapies. This is due to the fraction and strength of the beam. Typically, LED absorbs around 70% compared to laser at around 30%. This gives a much higher chance of better results in inch loss and fat reduction.

Lipo-Light Pro 16 paddles have Dual Wavelengths, 635nm for fat reduction & 900 nm for collagen and elastin, for skin tightening and stretch mark reduction. It is non-invasive and there is zero recovery time. LipoLite can work/be performed on the neck, abdomen, arms, jowls...Other areas that are commonly treated, include saddle bags and knees. Allowing people to look and feel their best.

I myself started with an 8 sessions package...Like ghost hunting, you want to see results, but are not sure anything will happen…ha. Went in with an open mind and followed all the advice I’d read about.

Let me step back and talk a second about the lovely lady that performs the miracles.

Judy Owens,
originally from Connecticut, came to NM via attending UNM. She wasn’t sure she would stay, she wasn’t a huge fan of ABQ in the beginning. However, the state grew on her and she has made NM her home for over 30 years. After graduating with a Lab Tech degree from UNM she worked at Presbytarian Hospital for several decades. She acclimated to New Mexico, embraced it, raised two accomplished daughters, enjoyed a long and satisfying career and eventually retired in 2014.

Like most Baby Boomers, who are just not old enough at heart or even close or ready to sit on the front porch and watch the weather go by. She had had some procedures herself over the years and was very intrigued by the new age "alienish" device that actually did what she wanted it to do... Voila, that is when her Lipo-Light story began. She purchased the equipment for herself and then decided to spread the love.

Judy's operation is not a grand or huge production. Her setup is simple and painless, like everything else about Lipo-light. That is how Judy likes it, too and of course, it helps her to keep her costs low.

The ambiance is very cozy and comfortable. Purple laser ball lights flicker, with pleasant melodies barely humming in the background…

She has a secret weapon most others do not know about. Mention you would like the secret and say “Trending” and she will include it.
The session starts with the secret enhancer for about 10 minutes, then up to 16 laser paddles are placed stretegically to achieve the best results...20 minutes with the paddles and finally the session ends with the vibrasizer, please read about this muscle builder…

Please go to our website to learn more:

I myself was feeling a difference by the third visit. I wanted to stand up straighter and hold in my pooch.

Judy says,
“Most will say they see a real difference
by the 6th session.”

A minimum package is suggested for best results...but you can pay for each session as you go.

You can do them one right after another, with at least one full day in between sessions. Of course, you can just keep doing them until you are completely satisfied.

Judy says,
“You don’t have to, but you might want a touch up later also - before vacation, special occasions...when you're just feeling a need for less chunk.

There are no known risks involved in using Lipo-Light or Lipo-Light Pro and they are considered safe alternatives to invasive procedures such as traditional liposuction.

Lipo-Light causes no bruising, scarring or downtime. During the treatment you will not feel discomfort, nor will anesthesia be used.

The future is definitely here. There is no reason not to try Lipo-Light. Be ready for "show your skin" weather.