Pin Up Pups
Pet Salon

(505) 884-0545
1619 San Pedro NE . ABQ

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& GIRLS Reign!

It's about time dogs and women RULE!
Pin Up Pups Pet Salon celebrates both!

They do cats too,
are an LGBTQIA friendly business,
have attentive front door transfers
and lots more.

In fact, the day I was there,
they had just finished
wrestling a fiesty tabby who needed
a fluff, it's nails' clipped and a cute bow. ha.

Pin Up pups is the sole vision of Veronica, a stunning petite blue eyed blond, with a beaufont and a bow of her own. I LOVE the theme of the shop, the decor, the look - "Pin Up girl" posters with their pups, blanket the walls, a dash of grandma's blessings and cherished hats as ceiling trim, rampid color and a whole lotta kitsch!
Cool Cool Cool!

The day I was at the salon, I made myself comfortable, as I waited in the front room. I was relaxing a bit, taking a look around, enjoying the videos on the TV humming in the background, taking deep breaths... when - BAM!- dynamo Veronica blasted thru the bright turquoise, "revolving door", speaking quickly into her, hands free head phone, slapping her hands together, headed to the front desk, brushing the sweat, furr and a bit of slobber off her perfect little pink apron, while managing to greet me with a big welcoming smile.

Immediately, catching the door, Marina,
Veronica's unassuming wife, followed quickly,
also flustered and sighing with relief.
A quick nod of acknowledgemnt,
in my direction,
was more Marina's style.

Apparently, they had accomplished the fluff and toe nail tasks but, regrettably, the tabby had won the bow fiasco. Veronica was giving apologies on the phone "I am so sorry but,
we did not suceed".
Ha! Ha! Cats? Bows?

The intriguing experience was like the opening scene from a pilot for a television sitcom. Ha. Very surreal. Vintage. Mind blurp. Tv retro blip!

Back to the present for a sec.
Marina and Veronica's stories
seperately are epic!
Their story together is quite loving.
Love for animals, each other and their shop.

Both ladies are New Mexico natives, mothers'
(Veronica - Miguel, Jordan and Marina - Emma),
and westsiders, born and raised.

Marina, 6 year National Guard member,
accomplished mechanic, level headed partner,
knowingly deferred to Veronica. Ha.
You are great Marina!

Harry, Veronica's dad,
a character we MUST introduce:
Chicago transplant, many year owner of
Harry's Transmission in Rio Rancho,
now retired,
but forever proud father.
You know the kind of dad?
Hard working and daughter doting?
Harry did his best
to make sure his beautiful daughter
had everything a girl could want,
including a cool car,
the minute she could drive.
Veronica loved that Mustang
and it will prove to be a true gift soon.

Veronica tried many things, sales, Criminal pshycology and then one day, at a doggy day spa in Corrales, while pampering her precious Cocker Spaniel, she met a lady, Darlene, who would change her future and become her mentor. She worked with Darlene for some time. It was good. However, while reading thru Craig's List one day, Veronica came across an established grooming business for sale. It was just what she needed. It was very possible! Kismet! She went for it. She sold her treasured best friend, her Mustang. Ta Da! The business has boomed for 10 years.

Now Located at the SW corner of San Pedro and Constitution in Midtown ABQ.

The salon's menu is extensive, including walk-in nail clipping! They do work by appointment though and will do their best to offer whatever you need to care for your preciousnesses,
at reasonable prices.
Menu below.

Friend them on Facebook to
See their daily happenings
or ring em' up and give em' a try.
They do our Doxy. Pin loves em!
Bug, my brother, Mom and dad's poop,
got his toes clipped.
He was a good boy. Unusual! ha.

Promote Locally owned businesses.
They're our neighbors, like
Veronica and Marina at Pin Up Pups Pet Salon.
They are Sweet! Charitable! Experienced! Compassionate! Clean!
Hard working!
Mod and full of a whole lotta colorful Camp!