"Helping you look and feel your best"

Dr. Mark Schwartz

505-332-1006 . 4550 Eubank NE Ste. 107

Schwartz Chiropractor and staff are Albuquerque’s experts on wellness and chiropractic care.

Dr. Mark Schwartz goes above and beyond common chiropractic procedures. Of course, the Doc maintains your skeletal/structural health, but he also concentrates on your nutritional and over all well being. Dr. Schwartz is committed to your WHOLE health with state of art computerized systems,
and the latest trending health theories.

“Helping you look
and feel your best”
Is their motto.

Dr. Mark brags a little and credits his good health to receiving chiropractor adjustments since he was two years old. His parents were avid chiropractic believers and trail blazers. His mom and dad made getting adjustments an adventure.

Their weekends were always preceded by Friday family outings, trip to the chiropractor, pizza and ice cream. How could he not love his profession? It is his family history and many fond memories for the Dr.

Dr. Schwartz was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended George Washington University and graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic. He had visited the Southwest many times and knew New Mexico would one day be his home. He has been practicing in ABQ since 2001.

The Doc is now in his sixties and is proof his expertise and procedures work. He takes no drugs, not even aspirin, no drugs! He says he rarely has pain, even though he has developed some arthritis in his hip, a result of his decades of work. Dr. Schwartz is a diabetic and has always controlled his blood sugars with diet and exercise. Again, no drugs. That information alone makes me want to get started on the “Schwartz Plan” right away. Truly.

Though the Doc and Flossie, Mrs. Schwartz, his front desk/house, support system, have been caring for patients for many years, they have kept up with the latest trends in technology. I would go, as far as to say, they are Albuquerque’s experts in this technology. Their office is completely computerized. It makes the diagnosis and treatments infallible. Need relief? Dr. Schwartz can get you back in good shape. Pretty much guaranteed!

You might be surprised at the number of procedures and techniques and the accuracy available to you,
once you commit to getting help from Dr. Schwartz.

Weight loss, diabetes maintenance, feet and shoe inserts, mobility, massage - heated chair, hydro and traditional, seated infrared sauna and computerized diagnosis for chiropractic adjustments are just a few of his relief options.

His procedure rooms are very comfortable. Each adjustment includes meditation time on a massage bed with heat: Another perk at Dr. Schwartz office.

“It keeps you relaxed
for much longer
and helps to maintain
your alignment”

Schwartz Chiropractor prices are affordable and for some programs insurance and financing are also available.

If you know back, neck, foot, hip, knee,
spine, shoulder pain and stiffness,
headaches etc., you know it is hard to
think of much else until you get some
kind of relief. Medications are hard to take
and can cause too many side effects.
Your “medical doctor” is not always equipped with any other option.

Need help maintaining your diabetes
or just want to lose some weight?
If you have never tried chiropractic care,
feel it is time to get your health and
pain under control, it is time to call
Flossie to set an appointment
for a free evaluation with Dr. Mark Schwartz.

505-332-1006 . 4550 Eubank NE Ste. 107