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Remember The Caravan days? The comfortable country western, dancin' fool, free delicious buffet, no fear, fun days? That was the framework for this love story, 16 years ago. Todd, a bulky bouncer noticed an enchanting Tory, (both New Mexican natives) and Tory immediatly noticed Todd back, the attraction was mutual. That was the foundation for this mighty match. The relationship has just continued to build. Kids, marriage and business established in 2016, but conceived in 2002. Bada Boom! "The Family Business".

I do mean build! Todd is a "jack of all trades". Tory raves lovingly about her skilled and accomplished husband. "He really can build just about anything your heart desires. Build a home from foundation up? No problem. Remodel a kitchen or bath? Easy".

Todd was just a young man when his uncle Toby noticed an inate talent for construction. Todd learned much in those early days with his uncle. He worked and honed his expertise with other mentors over the years, but always exceded his teacher's abilities. Now days, he is considered a master. He is certified in GB02 - residential building, GB98 - commercial construcion, certified in fork lift and Bobcat operation, removal of mold, lead paint and asbestos. He does demolition, fences, cement, drywall, painting, stucco, tile, cabinet work, roofing, porches, celing fans, mobile home remodeling, countertops, backsplashes, mirrors, lawnwork, brick pathways, driveways, dog runs with sheds to match and he once did a fancy mailbox and a Corn Hole game for a client (cause that is what the client wanted). You name it he can do it. "Well", Tory says "He can't dunk a basketball" and they both laugh.

Recently, he remodeled "Duke City Bar and Grill" at Uptown. No job is too big or small. I know you hear it a lot, but Todd really can do it all, and if "The Family Business", on that rare occasion, cannot do it, they will find a qualified master who can.

Whatta bout the rest of the family? They have all been involved at one time or another- the four kids - Dominic, Devon, Brook, Jazmen, and of course Tory. Tory keeps the business running smoothly and is truly a master in her own right, juggling reception, acounts receiveable, payable, client scheduling and all around management.

Need a "Handy Man"? Wanna build that dream home, remodel that outdated kitchen or update commercial building demands? Maybe you want to put in that walkway to enhance your curb appeal..."The Family Business" are the experts to call in New Mexico. Capish?

(505) 255-7474