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"A Cajun Joint"

J. Gumbo's Virgil Herrera has been around New Mexico his entire life. His Grandparents owned and operated Raul’s on the Santa Fe Plaza for over 30 years. He has been involved in the restaurant business off and on for his entire life. Virgil is a food lover and “J Gumbo’s Cajun Joint ABQ” is definitely a labor of love.

Mr. Herrera followed a different path in his early career. He like most youngin’s in New Mexico wanted to pursue anything but the family business, in his case, restaurants. New Mexicans know if you want to prosper here, you go into defense or computers. That’s exactly what he did. He traveled the world working as a tech and achieved many accomplishments and a fulfilling career. He was definitely sailing thru life in a comfort zone and like the rest of the engineers and techs in ABQ ate regularly at the Cajun Kitchen.

Wait a minute! Crash! Boom! Bam! SSScreeeech!

After Cajun Kitchen closed he was devastated and spent years and a small fortune experimenting on spice blends. He was on a mission to replace that comfort taste, that right burn and flavor. He had just sold a franchise and was on the look-out for something new.

It’s so good when destiny, desire and need come together and even though it took several more years to choose the right menu and recipes Virgil is happy with his decisions so far at his J Gumbo’s ABQ. The concept is easy. Appetizer? Bowls and Sandwiches? Big bowl, Small/Children’s Bowl, Po Boy?
Eat in or drive thru take home. Spicy, more spicy, on fire?

We really enjoyed everything we tried. My favorite so far is the “Bourbon Chicken”, but they have all the classics. The corn bread is delish. Your options are brown or white rice. They have vegetarian options too.
Huge and small sizes. Mmmmhmmm! Catering is available.

I will eat in again so I can take in the atmosphere, smells, jazz music and enjoy the mass quantities of samples available. Yep! You can sample before you order. Plus, the hot sauces and spice blends are readily available inside. Did I mention the Jazz Music, heavenly smells and FREE samples? If you eat in first you’ll know what entrées and spice level to order if you are excited about the drive thru option like I am.

Virgil is hoping to add alligator, Bodine Sausage and a Bayou inspired dessert soon. Pralines? Cobbler alamode?

ABQ and the future is looking good for all you Cajun kitchen lovers.
Bon Appetite Y'all!

Eubank just north of Constitution. 1608 Eubank NE, ABQ. NM.,