Albuquerque Pet Memorial
Service Inc
137 Mountain Prk Pl. NW
ABQ, NM 87114
(505) 550-4793


Family Owned and Locally Operated
Since 1999

Dogs . Cats . Rabbits . Pocket Pets . Reptiles
Birds . Large and Small Farm Animals
Specializing in Equine

Pets are family, our children, babies forever.
We love and cherish our babies more than anything.
They never grow up and move away.
We are responsible for them for their entire lives.
We never want to lose them, but alas, it is inevitable.
The day will come long before we ever want or even expect.

Being prepared, planning or just knowing our options
can make that time less stressful and much easier to
just remember them, memorialize and celebrate
their lives in a beautiful way.

Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service inc,
established in 1999, David E Gifford,
with 38 years experience and expertise
and his daughter Deidra, a pet loving,
family oriented business smart, wife of Jason
and mother of Paige and Jackson, along with
their diligent staff are the compassionate experts
and Albuquerque's best choice for
pet cremations and memorial keepsakes.

After many years of traveling the country,
honing his craft helping to establish crematories,
Dave eventually settled in Albuquerque.
He is still the only EPA certified instructor
of the cremation process residing in NM.
Of course Dave has been very successful,
but business management was never his forte.

So, a couple of years ago he decided
to completely hand over the day to day
operations to his capable,
business savvy daughter, Diedra.

This was never a typical father/daughter relationship,
Dave and Diedra did not meet until she was seventeen.
BUT, this amazing collaboration was bound to happen
and meant to be. Definetly Kismet! Kismet that works.

While Dave was traveling the country, Diedra
grew up in a classic midwest home in Angola, Indiana.
She had always had a love for accounting and business.
She followed her dreams and recieved a bachelors degree,
with honors, in accounting and business management
and operations, from Trine University
in her home town of Angola.

Obviously, the rest is history.
Diedra, now vice president,
runs the everyday workings with precision.
The business has tripled it's visibility
since her integration in 2016.
She has implimented many new benefits
and may I say "a feminine touch",
by adding lots of bells and whistles
and many more gorgeous memorial options
to remember your loved ones by.

They offer free home removal, equine included,
in Albuquerque and Corrales.
A pickup fee is applicable outside of these areas.
They also pick up and deliver, free of charge,
from ANY veterinary clinic in their service area.
Their service areas include, Taos, Gallup, East Mountains,
Truth or Consequences and everything in between.

They offer Military and family, first responders, rescue,
foster families and seniors discounts.

They also provide free services to K-9, Police Task force
and military dogs. Proof required.

Diedra and her staff spend time assisting you
in making just the right decisions, choosing from
their large selection of memorial keepsakes like:
cedar-oak-walnut Paquito de Todo boxes,
brass or silver engraved plaques, ink prints,
fur clipping displays, urns of many styles like:
photo urns, locally made gourd and ceramic urns,
locked cedar chests, engraved leather name tags,
nameplates, framed pawprints, prearranged packages,
and many many more creative and
beautiful options to choose from.

A very cool choice is
"Blooming Remembrence" a biodigradeable box,
with a heart that has flower seeds embedded
and is attached to the top of the box.
It is adorable, very popular, trending right now
and comes in several sizes.

There are no mysteries involved at APMS.
You take full control of your baby's last days.
In fact, Diedra is working on a paperless tracking system,
like UPS, where you can watch the progress
and be involved all along the way.

Check out their website and take a second to prepare
for that inevitable day. albuquerquepetmemorial.com

Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service inc.,
Diedra and her staff will surely help ease the pain
when the time comes.

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to Noon
Sunday by appointment only