Casa Verde Spa

5113 Comanche Rd NE
(505) 881-0464

Awwwee, what can I say about Casa Verde Spa? Alot! ABQ's staple for rejuvenation, beautification, enlightenment. A sensory adventure.

Remember "Mr. Don's" from 25 years ago? Casa Verde is Don - owner and master stylist. He and his wife Barbara are salt of the earth type people - sweet, kind, positive, energetic and talented and mostly, family oriented. It's always about family for them, including employees - just ask their employees.

When Donna, their dughter, became an adult, she added invaluable innate business saavy to the spa. Years ago she incorporated the charitable and green Aveda philosophy into their agenda. She travels extensively to learn new techniques, including elaborate hair extensions. If you are not familiar with Aveda, its time to go for it - unmatched in product and charity. www.aveda.com

Later and somewhat recently, Jack, their son, has come home to run the spa. He is a proficient trainor and a very zen guy. He has added the Doterra oils line to the Casa Verde experience.

Though I've loved this place for many years, I have let myself go, and have not been to visit them for quite some time. Hate to admit how long. Shhhhhh. Lets just say, long over due. AND since I was going to write a story, I needed to have something to write about. Right? I need mass quanities of treatments. Lucky Lucky me!

When you walk into Casa Verde Spa you are greeted by friendly faces and offers of hydration. Choose between Aveda hot tea or water with lemon or cuccumber, depending on the day. I started my salon adventure with a much needed style/haircut. Haircut is, of course, an understatement at Casa verde. They start with a consultation, sometimes with more than one stylist, especially if you're doing color (of course I was) which leads immediately into an aromatherapy experience. They gear the aromas to your emotion at the time, let you breathe in three different fragrances/blends of essential oils, but it is ultimately your decision on the blend you want to use. Next is a heavenly scalp and neck message with the oil you have chosen. I could have ended my revival journey right there. Whoa!

I didn't though. I proceded with a cut and color consultation with Erin and Diane. We decided to go natural this time, with a few highlights. The color process was quick and not smelly. Pros! I was then ushered to the beauty bar. It is an actual bar stocked with magazines, full cups of tea and exfoliating hand massages while waiting for color to take. As I waited, Don stopped by to "say Hi" and tell me about a new service they were introducing to the spa. A quickie! ha. A quick "dry" aromatherapy chair massage. I set an appointment to check it out. I was scheduled for a wax and facial in a couple of days, so it worked out great to add it on before the other services. Why not?

As soon as the color sets, I'm whisked off for a good shampoo, conditioning, with heavenly Aveda products and more delicious scalp massages by Moriah. Finally, Dena finished me off with a final trim and scrunch. It takes a village! I look and feel fabulous so far! ha. Much more to go...Yay!

A few days later, pulling it all together at home, getting out the door, racing thru traffic, I arrived for my scheduled spa appointments in a bit of a tizzy. I couldn't wait to check out the Doterra Enlightenment chair massage. The massage is only 15 minutes, dry, with a trio of oil blends - Anchor, Align, Arise, Enlightment/yoga blends consisting of 20 different medicinal aromas. Dry: No oil is used on your body. You keep your clothes on.

It's a complete body massage though - head, neck, back, thighs and legs. Throughout the massage you are prompted to rub oil on your hands and breath in deeply, while concentrating on good thoughts. Because it's a dry massage, it's perfect for a quickie before your cut, a break from work on your lunch hour or after work. Jack was my masseur, but the majority of stylist are trained to do the massage - so walk ins are welcome. Have a fight with your family? Drop in for a quickie. The massage is under $20. I loved it and will probably do one next time I'm driving by San Mateo and Comanche. Urrrrrrrrt!

Ok. Headed to the less pleasant, but oh so necessary waxing. Had my whole face done. Was starting to look like sasquatch.

Renee my gal from way back, waxed, plucked and then, thank you, soothed my whole face. While she was at it, she did a little dye on the lashes - very trendy. Like.

Lastly, we moved to the room with low lights, warm blankets, comforting music and yes, a simmulated fire crackling. Euphoria began. Nothing like an Aveda facial by Renee. The steam, cleansers, exfoliants, serums and moisturizers applied many times. Another head and neck massage! I was taken somewhere, far away!

Well, I was cooked and done. It was definately a rejuvenating experience. I really do feel like a new woman- physically and spiritually. The services I experienced are just the tip of the iceberg. Casa Verde offers many more healthy, trendy and amazing services. You, too, must have an uplifting enlightening excursion soon. Casa Verde Spa and Salon takes care of you!