Christy Maes Review

Christy Mae’s
1400 San Pedro Drive NE . Albuquerque, NM 87110

For years we’ve chosen Christy Mae’s
as the ideal place to meet our friends
for lunch, dinner, a business meeting,
or just an afternoon snack.

We can all appreciate the satisfying portion sizes,
the reasonable prices, the friendly service,
and the large selection of good food
that really does taste like
what mama used to make with such care.

On a recent trip to Christy Mae’s,
I noticed that there were several families
in addition to groups of ladies and yes, groups of men sharing a meal.
Everybody looked happy!

And I was happy too after I tried a new dish for me,

Acapulco Chicken

Acapulco Chicken
Boneless, broiled chicken topped with homemade guacamole
and melted cheese served on a bed of wild rice and
accompanied by two slices of fresh fruit

Actually I was happy for two days
because I had half of the dish the next day for lunch.

Children's Mac and Cheese

Christy Mae’s menu is filled with dishes
like that featuring chicken, beef, pork and fish.

None are priced over 10.99 and, for most diners,
a take-out box will store enough for another meal!

The thing is you begin your visit to Christy Mae’s
happy because all the waiters and waitresses
are such welcoming people.

They greet with enthusiasm
and treat everybody like special guests.

A talk with Larry Ashby, owner (more on that later)
revealed that when he hires staff,
he makes sure they are outgoing, polite
and intent on providing the very best service they can.
He has chosen his staff well.
Several have been with him for years
and the newcomers work hard to live up to
his high standards.

So, as promised, more about Larry Ashby.
It’s kind of a rags-to-riches story.
Larry started out as a busboy
for the family that owned Christy Mae’s
and worked in another
of the family’s restaurants too.

He became like family to them.
As he worked his way up
from the lowly position of busboy,
he learned the restaurant trade
and loved it.

Several years back he entered into a partnership
with Christie Mae’s and recently he became
the sole and very proud owner of the restaurant.

He’s made some changes:
paint, new drapes, and new vibrant carpeting
have brightened the interior and
a streamlined front desk
makes it more efficient to check out.

He’s kept all of our old food favorites though.
Items like the specialty sandwiches –

Beef Fritter
(country fried steak with lettuce, tomatoes and melted cheddar cheese),

Albuquerque Turkey
(sliced turkey breast, avocado, green chile, jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on grilled sourdough),

Beef Stack
(roast beef, cheddar cheese, green Chile, lettuce and tomatoes on grilled sourdough),

(a flour tortilla filled with corned beef, green chile, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes),

Uncle Reuben
(triple-decker hot corned beef, turkey, Swiss cheese, red onions, sauerkraut, lettuce, tomatoes and special dressing on grilled rye bread),

The Harvest
(half an avocado between slices of jack cheese, cucumber slices, lettuce, sunflower seeds, and tomatoes on whole wheat bread, and

Christy’s Famous BLT
(strips of bacon with melted jack cheese,
wedges of avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes grilled on whole wheat bread)

All sandwiches are as delicious as ever
and still all under

The servings are very generous
and come with a choice of a side.

Children's Menu: mini-corndogs, mac-cheese and chicken tenders.

Try the homemade
potato chips, banana bread, mashed potatoes,
potato salad or country fries.
There is also a side of the day
which sometimes is the homemade potato chips
dusted with chile powder- a little kick with your crunch.

On the lighter side,
you can order half a sandwich with a side of soup
or another side for $7.29.

That’s the perfect size for lunch or a light dinner.

Of course, Christy Mae’s is not just sandwiches.

There’s a great assortment of appetizers, soups, salads,
burgers, filled croissants, quiches, full dinners featuring chicken,
country fried steak and broiled ham steak
served with two sides and, again, all under

Two of my favorite soups are the old fashioned hearty beef stew

and the cream green chile chicken,

both served with warm corn bread and honey butter.

Now we come to the desserts.
Christy Mae’s has a great baker.
Her name is Jane and she has been making
luscious cakes at Christy Mae’s for a long time.
Her German chocolate,
devil’s food, and carrot cakes

are just right, not too rich but extremely tasty and satisfying.
You can get them by the generous slice for
or buy an entire cake to take home
for $20 for the chocolate and devil food and
$26 for the carrot cake.

Cake not your thing?

Try apple pie,


a black cow root beer float,
a hot fudge sundae or

Big John’s Peanut Butter pie.

You won’t go wrong with any of them.
In fact, it’s fun to just go into Christy Mae’s
in the afternoon and have a dessert
with a cup of coffee or
a glass of plain or spiced iced tea.

It makes for a nice break!

Christy Mae’s also has a delivery service
and many offices and businesses have ordered box lunches for meetings.
The nice thing about this is that each person
at a meeting can order form the menu
and their individual lunch will be marked with their name.
No more yelling out,” Who’s got the roast beef?”

Box lunches include
a sandwich, a side, fruit, a cookie, and
a drink for $9.29 each.

You can also buy bulk items
like a tray of freshly baked honey-cornbread,
banana bread and the pies and cakes.
Tuna and chicken salads
can be bought by the pound
as can the soups.
That’s nice to know when you’re running late
and you still want to serve a
nutritious and delicious dinner.

Let Christy Mae’s do it for you!

Larry Ashby
has started something else
that is new to Christy Mae’s
—a loyalty program.
When you return to the restaurant,
you will enter your name on a device
at the counter and it will keep track of your visits
rewarding you after you reach various plateaus.
It’s nice to know that, while you’re enjoying your visit,
you will be earning a free menu item.

“This program is a thank-you
to our faithful customers,” says Mr. Ashby.

All in all, you can’t go wrong at Christy Mae’s.
It’s a cheerful place to go
to have a good old-fashioned meal
cooked the way you want
in clean, bright surroundings.
Great food plus great people
plus an inviting atmosphere equals
a great restaurant!