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make your ESCAPE"

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Local travel expert,
Kathy Hash, specializes in
any and all cruises.

From the exotic world cruise
to the history filled river cruise.
She helps the young and the old
navigate and understand
the crazy world of travel and
is always looking for
the best deals possible.

From adventurers to beach combers
she can help you make your escape
to wherever your heart desires.

Kathy goes out of her way to
understand her clients' needs
and wants to make the perfect
ESCAPE possible.

"There is no one size fits all
vacation". Kathy says.
"Each one is very personal".

She handles all types of travel,
at her full service travel agency
in Albuquerque,
including groups like
knitters, golfers, church, food,
all-inclusive getaways,
adventure travel desitnations,
solo travelers and much more.

She can handle it all for you.

Kathy became a travel agent
because of her love for travel
and has been traveling extensively
for the last 50 years, from growing up
in California, visiting Hawaii to
exploring the deserts in Arizona.

When her husband joined the military
shortly after they were married
they started a lifetime
of travel and it took hold of her.
She was 16 at the time and says
"It has been quite the adventure".

Wherever they lived they
did as much local travel, to experience
the culture, as time and money would allow.
They always included their kids and
they have inherited the family passion too.

Currently the Hash's reside in Albuquerque.
Kathy's grandparents are from New Mexico
and she has been visiting all of her life.
They decided to call it home,
after many family members
also settled in New Mexico.

Whenever Kathy is not working
with a client she is training
and exploring.

"There are a million or so places
out there to see and experience"

"I try to stay up on all the trends
people might want to see."
Says Kathy.

Kathy has a wall full of
completed training certificates but,
it is never enough for her.
She wants to learn
as much as possible.

The two major certifications
that she has completed are River and
Ocean Cruising Expert.

Her suppliers are from all over
the world but, Europe is her passion!

"There is just so much to see and
do there, as she reminises."
"So many cathedrals, castles,
food and history to enjoy".

She has done trips for people
from the extravagant to the
pack your lunch and drive yourself.

Italy is one of her favorites.
"The Food. The People.
It is just the best".

Living in Sicily ruined her
for Italian food,
as it just never tastes
quite the same.

She loved living in Germany too.

She especially loved Bavaria
with its castles and Alps.

The wine cruises for viewing
the castles cannot be beat.
"There is nothing like a
German Christmas market."
Gushes Kathy

Kathy has worked in some
type of customer service
all of her life and really enjoys
helping people.

"The experiences I have had
while traveling are worth more
than any material object could ever be".

"The memories keep me going
and make me rich beyond belief".

"I look at every purchase now
in regards to cruising.
Such as, that couch is half a cruise,
do we really need it"? LOL

"I am always thinking of where
the next adventure will be"!

"Too few of us really take the time
to experience travel".

Kathy Hash
has a lifetime of knowledge
and experience.
Escape Travel USA has a trip
at just about any price,
anywhere in the world
and are ready to help you
find your custom memorable