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What comes to mind when you think of farmhouse?

Cozy, family, hard work, sturdy, reliable, recycled, reclaimed, refurbished, vintage furnishings, a use for everything and everything has a use, nothing wasted, made from scratch, leathers, solid woods, cottons, velvets, metals? Did I mention big homecooked family meals, while gathering at big rustic tables after catching fireflies with mason jars recently emptied of fresh lemonade running barefoot through dewy harvested fields?...
Ha. Ha. Ok. Ok.

Me, too! It epitamizes New Mexico's very own Farmhouse Style brand and the New Mexico owners'/originators', Evangeline and Joe Romero's philosophy. I swear they - and their kids (Joseph, Lilly, Daniel and Abby), all involved in the busness - could just move right in and take over for Chip and Joanna Gaines.

It's obvious Evangeline is all business and luckily inherited a perfect photogenic face and an impeccable taste. And Joe? You know what they say, "Behind every good woman is a good man." That's how it should go anyway. ha. He's the talented backbone genius behind THIS woman. Joe works full time at the labs and can't wait to get home to his family and his second job refurbishing on weekends, every spare second and nights.

The Romero's have never really created any of their refurbished pieces of art out of a necessity for income; They do it for love of craft. It is obvious now and it was obvious when they sold their stylish refurbished furniture and accessories out of a trailer parked at Hacienda Home Center in Bosque Farms. Yep, they sold lots of gorgeous pieces like that. They attracted crowds and many repeat customers. Of course, they became too popular not to expand and move into a permanent larger location in Bosque Farms in 2016 and ultimately landed at their current Menaul location in 2018. People followed them and have sought them out after their necessary moves, because they know Farmhouse Style Home Decor will have what they're looking for and probably much more.

The day I went by to check out Farmhouse Style, Evangeline cheerily invited me into her home away from home, guided me to look around for a bit and eventually to have a comfy seat - on a, to die for, smoky teal grey velvet couch, with the matching chair nestled close beside - for our conversation. Both pieces are like churned butta with unique rustic detail! No picture can do them justice, you must go by to see them for yourself.

Joe, super husband and super dad, refurbishes as fast as is humanly possible. Both Evenageline and he pour their own fabulous soy candles and cement planters of several sizes and recently have hooked up with a couple of manufacturerers who offer lines that compliment their own original pieces and reflect their good taste. For instance, they carry Posh, a vegan line of lotions and potions made by a local New Mexican vendor. Luckily not all of their products are one of a kind now and soon you'll be able to order from them on-line.

Evangeline admits that she just loves people and hopes to spread her enthusiasm for home and family. She has instilled that classic good, old fasioned work ethic in her children. Proud mom boasts her youngest is already a budding refurbish artist. She lights up as she explains how one day, Abby, her youngest, grabbed some old frames, some chalk paint - which they also carry - and made some money of her own. She sold everyone of the frames she decorated that day. Lilly, their oldest daughter, holds down the store on Evangelines' days off along with her two loyal employees, Janice and Angela. Both ladies are like family, possess the same love of home and have remained in service from the Bosque Farms days.

Farmhouse fits very well with Southwestern decor. Heck, most of New Mexico IS farm land and vintage, too. Add a turquoise piece - Evangeline emphasizes as her pop of color preference - then a couple of Native American rugs, pots and paintings and viola. Beautiful! Farmhouse style melds well with many styles easily. AND is always trending in fashion.

A lot is going on at Farmhouse Style Home Decor located across from IHop on Menaul in ABQ. Evangeline has recently joined forces to collaborate with a local decorator and realtor to stage homes for sale. She's supervising the set up of their own e-commerce online store, along with the obvious mom and storekeeper operation chores, all while mostly, says Mrs. Romero, wanting to bring joy to others home environments.

The business continues to grow by leaps and bounds because their product is really desirable. The Romeros' are very nice people, are stewards of wholesome family values and plain old hard workers.

Better get by right away and purchase that big inviting solid Mango wood table, yes Mango, that will seat the whole extended family and a couple of friends. I'm feeling and telling you right now, that they are on the verge of home network stardom status. Go by soon, You will get that feeling too. yep. Good stuff.