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If you Don't know Fiddler Roofing
you don't know Jack or everyone's roofer!

And, you don't know who to call
when your roof has issues.

You don't know the most reputable
roofer in New Mexico.
You don't know about their trending ecofriendly,
efficient and reliable roofing products.
In fact, you don't know...
Fiddler Roofing is so confident in their work,
they stand by their products and services for life.

They are the only roofer who checks your repairs
or new roof every year for ten years
to make SURE you are satisfied
and the roof is still in good shape.
For ten years! Wow!

It is time you got to know Jack AND....
John - the amazing Fiddler Roofing,

Let us start with John,
a son of a rancher and a banker.
born and raised in the Alamogordo/Ruidoso area.
A multi-generational New Mexican family.
Hard working with a stellar reputation.

John learned construction and contracting
from his family. He grew up in the trenches
with them and enjoyed it, but of course,
he had to follow his mom's legacy
(he still travels with his mom to this day)
and go to work in the financial industry.
John studied at Texas Tech and Southern
Methodist and he thrived for many years in
international banking.

He worked on huge projects that took
Multiple banks to complete
in the Dallas and Houston areas.
He ended up in real estate and
eventually retired with more than a
comfortable existence.
If ya know what I mean. ha.

Enter Jack. You know? That Jack.
Jack was a lifelong friend of John,
with a life of good service as well.
He came to John with a legitmate problem,
a ligitimate concern.

Jack had been working in the middle of
massive construction, in Texas, as well.
He was continually noticing the poor
conduct of the roofers. It had become
an industry of scammers, "gypsies",
outright crude types, drinking on the job etc.
They were targeting, mainly after storms,
the elderly and the most vulnerable.

Jack couldn't just stand by and take it.
He called his friend John.
They discussed the situation and their options.
Neither John nor Jack could stand by and watch!
They were outraged and disgusted.
John rocketed out of retirement and was
immediately on the mission.
Thank God he came home to New Mexico to do it.

Ok says John, where do we start?
The products that were being used were toxic
and inefficient. Homeowners were constantly
trying to maintain their roofs,
they were living with bandaids,
while their perpectual needs
were job security for the roofers.
None of this sat well with the consciencous
son of the banker and rancher.
He dug in and set out to find
the right help and the answers.

He worked along with professionals
to develop a new, non-toxic,
efficient and secure process.
He exceeded his own expectations
and has been highly successful.

They have developed a liquid silicone
with the highest percentage of solids
and the lowest amount of volital compounds.
It is poured on and squeeged around
for a seamless efficient roof.
And it is green!
You can actually drink off your roof. Says John.
It also helps to control the temps in your home,
because the temperature won't go
above 98* with the silicone,
while Tar will heat up to 180*.
Another benefit of their process is
that there is no demolision or roof garbage,
because it is poured right over the old roof.

Their process is stellar, timeless, virtually perfect.
John says, "think glass in a plastic form".
It will last, at least,
your lifetime.

Maybe from an Alien crash in Alamogordo?
He wouldnt confirm,
but says all the lab and scientists
get it and love it!

They have been the "go to" roofer
in Santa Fe for decades,
but want to make ABQ, Rio Rancho, Corrales,
actually the entire state
more aware of their service.

Over 70% of their clients are from a referral.
because everyone loves them and their concept.

Their employees are consistent
and considerate as well.

They also own FixMyRoof.com
They do all types of roofing too,
with the same inegrity and guarantees.

This is exciting for Albuquerque's
roofs and homeowners
to be in the care of Fiddler now.

When you're taught ethics and
quality in service it shows in true
New Mexican born tradition and trends.

Call them for more info on
their amazing techniques or to get free quote.