International Protective Services
Technologies Inc. Private Security

Armed Vehicle Patrol, Video Monitoring,
Precise Analytical Intelligent Surviellance Systems
and more...

With mass shootings happening on a regular basis,
the ridiculous defunding of our beloved police
and the general lack of respect for the law,
private security is even more of a necessity now days.

Luckily, schools in New Mexico, are now being
secured by International Protective Service.
You may also notice many commercial establishments,
including big box stores, malls,
large construction sites,
banks/credit unions and of course, as always,
locally owned small businesses are
taking advantage of IPS and their services.
It surely makes me feel safer! Hope you do to.

Well, it was my annual visit with one of
the most intriguing people I've ever known,
Aaron T. Jones, President/CEO of
International Protective Service
and Technologies Inc.

It is always comforting to meet with Aaron
and to know that he and his staff are on the job.

I truly believe their main goal
and probably only goal, is to
protect and keep our community
and all of its citizens safe.

I learn something new about the security business,
the police and policing issues every time we meet.

On this visit we discussed the difference
between what the police do
and what security professionals do.
Typically the Police come in during or after the crime,
investigate and arrest hopefully the guilty.
Sadly, they are stretched very thin these days,
with the encouragment of masking,
the condoning of crime and its criminals
and generally, in the end,
the justice system, just lets them go
with little or no consequence.
It makes it nearly impossible
for them to do their job.

Security professionals
are preemptive.

They work to keep a crime from taking place,
are there before the crime/criminal,
deter the perpetraitors and
stop the assault from taking place at all.

Well, it’s over due for us to talk
private video intelligent security systems.
So, lets get right to it.

Aaron is very proud to say he still meets with
EVERY potential client (unheard of),
is an expert at hiring qualified professionals
and delegating responsibilities
and many many other things.
Not so much at discussing
home security surviellance systems. Ha.
So, he referred me to Roger Rainger,
IPS Technologies Manager,
his authority on the subject.

Mr. Rainger is working very hard
on opening the new IPS showroom, but
is busier than a one armed
paper hanger these days.
He barely has time to take a breath,
with the demand for personal security.

Roger has been around the home security
business for ages. He has run many of IPS’
competitors’ businesses in Albuquerque.
With 32 years experience Mr. Rainger
is more than qualified and
most definitely an expert on the subject.

IPS have every possible system
available at very comparable prices.
The equipment is the most sensitive,
they call it analytical Intelligence and is
available for single family homes, apartments,
large commercial properties and huge construction sites.

There protection is 24/7 with full
video monitoring/surveillance and patroling.
You can purchase video equipment, monitors,
key card entry systems, and are
perfecting their facial/fingerprint recognition
equipment as we speak.

IPS guards are ARMED with
15 minutes or less response time.

A Sad contrast to the APD response time
which may be up to an hour if not more.
Most other security companies are NOT armed.
International Protective Service offers


Consultations and quotes on site in NM.
They are working on offering their complete systems
nationwide soon.

International Protective Service private surveillance
has several different plans to choose
from and custom design to meet your needs.
They will also try to utilize existing equipment,
if possible, to save you money.

IPS, Aaron T. Jones and Roger Rainger
want to accommodate any need you might have,
to keep you, your family, your business
from assault, harm - bodily/property
damage and danger, with highly technical
security systems.

IPS is really a one stop shop
for peace of, safety.

Call them today at 505-897-2420
toll free 855-554-7477 to schedule
your FREE in-home/business consult!