IPS has eyes on it.

I am so very proud to know about this New Mexican
owned company, to experience their excellent services,
and to claim their CEOs,
Aaron T. Jones and his wife Patty, as friends.
IPS-International Protective Service has become one of the largest
privately owned security companies in the country.

They have accomplished so much
and made the cover of Malibu Magazine.

I am particularly impressed with the new addition -
an Aviation division whose fleets include helicopters (model)
and a private jet.(model)

Aaron is the type of guy who has an amazing presence!
How could he not be successful?

“Oh, do not get me wrong,
Mr. Jones could be very intimidating, if he wanted to be!”
And yet, he is not.
He happens to be the most comforting person I know.
I truly believe he started his career as a police officer,
because he knew, in his heart,
his destiny was to serve and protect others.

Protect and comfort is what IPS does!

When IPS is not escorting celebrities, politicians or
dignitaries [watching and deterring danger,
from just about everywhere]
or guarding large New Mexican
commercial businesses like: Target, Walmart,
Nusenda, Rio Grand Credit Union, etc. etc.,
they are protecting my little ole house.

IPS only does home security in three cities-
Albuquerque, Naples, Fla. and Los Angeles.
We are so lucky to be one of them.

Let me talk about the effect
International Protective Service has had
on my neighborhood and me. Wow!

Living in the city I was hearing gun shots
on a regular basis.
I actually had my own very close call.
Scary isn’t a strong enough word…
something had to be done!

I called my friend, Aaron T. Jones,
for help, THE security expert.

He took care of the problem.
He convinced me to try his home security products. I did!
Of course, They immediately placed their sign in my front yard

My whole neighborhood has changed, thanks to IPS.
It didn’t take long at all. The transformation has been night and day.
Many mornings I see my armed patrol checking on my property
to make sure it has not been breached.

I can call any time, 24 hours a day, for a very quick response.

IPS response times are four times faster
than a police response.

The response time is crucial and
IPS does encourage a call to the police after the fact.
BUT, Security is preventive,
it STOPS the tresspassing/crime before it happens.
IPS makes sure everyone knows they mean business
and aren’t shy about showing it.

I wave and thank them whenever I see them.

I still hear gun shots, but they’re blocks away.
When I see Mr. Jones next time,
I am going to thank him for PEACE OF MIND.

If you’re feeling any kind of property or
personal insecurity about your safety,
you need to look into private home security through IPS.

They, also, have all the equipment for sale:
Video survellance and access controls etc.

IPSglobal.com is where it’s at.
Not your typical service or a service that is just trending.
It’s definitely a necessity and hopefully soon to be the norm..
It is so easy to give it a try. PATROL IS THE KEY.
IPS International Pretective Service