Jerky by Art - Two Locations

1717 San Pedro NE . ABQ
(505) 262-0240

1520 Deborah SE . Rio Rancho


If you have ever lived in a rural or mountain area, if you have ever camped for an extended period of time, if you have ever needed to pack a quick, healthy, protein laiden snack for the road trip or soccor game, YOU KNOW, you have reached for and relied on jerky. AND if you've been around ABQ for long, you know about Jerky by Art.

Though, Jerky by Art has been a staple in ABQ metro for over 35 years, Dave - an all around sweet, humble, slicer-dicer, bookeeper, bottle washer, is the current proud owner and has been since 2015.

Dave has done his research, honed his skill and has perfected his jerky making technique. Actually, he has concocted a new fangled dehydrating machine, but says he'll have to kill me if he shows me. ha.
I did get to see it! Survived!
Excellent idea. Efficient. Clean.

Dave uses locally purchased top round beef. He slices and spices to consisent perfection, then dehydrates it for 6-8 hrs.

What's your favorite style of jerky? The thin dry, melt in your mouth texture or the chunky, moist, chewey variety? Do you like spicy, extra spicy or savory sweet?

Art's offers all the traditional flavors like salt/pepper, garlic onion, green chile, red chile, christmas in the drier varieties or teriyaki and korean BBQ in the moist chunky sweet array, just to name a few. see webste for complete list of flavors. From time to time, Dave likes to experiment with exotic flavors. His current fav is Red limon Mango. Tasted delish! It has a nice smooth red chile after kick to it. MMMMMM.

Dave, is also, experimenting with dried fruit - mentioned sweet pineapple with tumeric and spicy banana, as two possibles. Cannot wait! Healthy candy! ha. His plan is to pair the fruit with nuts, salsa and, of course, jerky in gift baskets for the holidays.

Buy the jerky by the pound or pre-packaged in a couple of sizes. Pre-order baskets anytime. Stop by one of the neighborhood shops (Monday thru Sat.) or order on-line 24-7.

Dave, is very charitible. He donates often for military FPO and UPO boxes to be shipped over seas. For vets and seniors he just throws more in their bag rather than a percentage 0ff.
"Just tell him, no ID required".

He sells every Sunday in the summer at my most cherished farmers market-Mile High in Alvarado Park. In fact, he was recently honored with a humanitariun award during the final day of 2018 season festivities.

Jerky by Art is looking forward to doing the Fiery Foods show at Sandia Casino and the Hope Christian show this year.

He loves his rescue pup, Zoe! How could he not develop a special jerky just for her? His bags of pup jerky also, come in pre-packaged sizes.

The cozy, conveniently located store in ABQ is a quick stop shop! On the SE corner at Constitution and San Pedro. Always ample parking. You can literally run in and run out with several bags of jerky in a matter of a few minutes. Perfect for last minute hostess, puppy party, tailgaiting, ...
gifts and snacks!

The majority, 70%-80%, of Dave's clientel are regulars. They come back time and time again, because the jerky is so consistently good.
Jerky can last for years when unopened and can be rehydarated or used in powdered form for many creative dishes.

Whether you are looking for a healthy, low fat, lots of protein, with added dried fruit "meal" to grab for your camping trip, sporting events or the perfect addition to your holiday gift baskets,
fabulous jerky from Jerky by Art
is such a great idea! Don't ya think?