Los Primos Mexican Grill

1447 Menaul NE
Just West of San Mateo
(505) 881-0723

"Los Primos" - "The Cousins".
Cookin' Cousins! Two Peas in a Pod!
It hasn't always been an easy road
for this dynamic duo.
It was tough for Ricardo and Santos
when they were kids in Mexico.

After much trauma and misfortune,
like losing a parent and not being able to find work,
they made the decision to come to the US.
Like so many today, the move was made out of necessity,
for survival. Their main goal was to work and
that is what they did.

It was grueling in the beginning.
They were grossly taken advantage of,
they were young, only 15.
They worked long hours for very little pay, but
these two cousins knew they could have more.

They found the right mentors at the right restaurant.
Ricardo easily mastered the english language and
quickly worked his way up to management.
Before long the two were running the place.
They stuck together and eventually they
opened their own restaurant back in Indiana.
But alas, in 2007-2008 the economy
went down the tubes and so did the restaurant.

Ricardo had married a New Mexican, Rio Rancho
native and they made their way back home.
He opened a carpet cleaning company
and it thrived for many years.

However, the restaurant business was calling
the primos home. Ricardo! Santos!
Open "Los Primos Mexican Grill"
So they did!

Los Primos is simply flavorful traditional Mexican food,
like huge breakfast and regular burritos,
choriquezo (chorizo and cheese) with chips,

7 kinds of fajitas, rellenos, flautas, tamales,
four different steak recipes, guac, chile cheese fries,
smothered fries (did I say "huge" smothered fries),

burgers, HOT SUBS, kids menu,
homemade flan and alot more!

They offer Mexican bottled Fanta and
Coca Cola beverages along with popular on tap options.

Add cute branding, family support from his wife Yesenia,
her step mom, Martha and Ricardo's two beautiful daughters,
Alycia and very animated, Perla, a huge dose of experience,
top it off with love in their cooking and the restaurant.
How could they miss?

Their green salsa is a mild tomatillo and it's served hot. yum!
They do have a much hotter red upon request.

Order ala carte or plated meals with beans & rice.

They don't currently have a drive-thru,
but are working on it.
Please call in or order on line at safelane.com and
they are happy to deliver it right to your car...

Their full menu is available all day, because most dishes
are prepared fresh when you order. They easily
accomodate special orders. You get what you want!

Don't forget to check out the specials!
Soft or Hard 99C tacos.

Today : 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Open now till 9:00 PM Open 7 days a week. Website coming soon.
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