7900 San Pedro . ABQ
(505) 856-2600

We all have questions about CBD.
What is it? It is hemp, a plant.
What is it used for? It can be used in
place of many medicines for many ailments
or for the health of it.

Will I be high?

No, you won't get high or even have a
euphoric feeling, though you will feel relief
and that alone is enlightening.
That awwwweeee feeling!
That may be high to you.

Whether you do your own research on-line or
go by and visit friendly, informed, helpful
Jennifer at "My CBD SHOP"
on San Pedro 1 blk. south of
Paseo Del Norte,

It's time you learn
About CBD!

Jennifer and her knowledgable daughter, Hunter,
have done and continue to do their research.
They are certified and take every class available
to stay current, informed and equipped
to pass on the most current trending CBD info
to you, valued client and main focus.

Both mom and daughter have their own
testimonial and stories of the workings
and success of CBD usage.
Son, 7, has a story too.
Sinus relief finally!
All are feelin' great these days!

They encourage and can't stress enough
the importance of educating and working with a
budget that is tailor-made for you. In fact,
Jennifer is so dedicated to customizing your
regime, she is working on carrying a line
of cool journals to track dosages etc.

Both ladies were very meticulous when opening
their shop. They took their time to find just the
right suppliers. They wanted to carry the most
reputable companies at their trend setter spot.

Jennifer is adamant about having the written
analysis to back up the labs on every product
and for all products to have QR readers
linked to their websites.
(examples pictured above)

My CBD Shop carries flower, tinctures, balms,
bath bombs, pet (treats, supplements,
salve etc.) Jennifer says the trick to the salve
is to put it on their paws so they lick it off and
in turn receive the full beneficial
internal and external CBD effect.

Next time, Pin and Sobes, my Doxies are going!
Because luckily, they have samples!
Pet and Human. I hope They like it!

Maybe Hunter's Dalmation,
will be there.

The day I visited I tried the
"Jolly Rancher" flavored hard candies.
Nothing like a good hard candy
with pain relief built in. Yum! Awwe!
(pictured below)

Tried two different lotions too. Yes!
They also carry creams, heat roll-ons,
cold roll-ons, balms, chew/dips,
sports drinks formulated for athletes
that help with recovery and endurance,
plain water $6. - a best seller,
10,000,000 nanograms,
mints, breath spray, Taos honey,
the cutest tiny pre-rolls
that come in their own tin,
vapes, COFFEE and so much more.

Jennifer and Hunter stress
it is vitally important that
you are proactive, experiment with doses
and choose types of CBD
that are right for you.

They also say you may need to
take less or more
than the recommended dosages.
They want to help you
save money and why waste the good stuff?

Turpines are organic,
aromatic flavanoids
produced in the resin of the
cannabis plant along with
They are responsible for
the flavors, aromas and
therapeutic effects.

Their are three types of CBD:
Full Spectrum-
low THC,
Broad spectrum -
undetectable amounts of THC
Isolated -
no turpines, CBG or CBN
Just pure CBD.

CBD is good for pain,

allergies, headaches, hangovers,
sleep apnia, anxiety,
relief for sinus pressure,
inflamation, joint pain,
skin irritations like rosacea,
diabetic relief - leg pain,
stomach issues, arthritis, etc....
You name it, there is probably
a good CBD product
to help relieve it.

Two customers came in while I was there.
The first seemed to know exactly
what he wanted. His trouble was
sleeping sound without interuption.
He uses a tincture with an eye dropper.
He says he just swallows a dropper full
and it works great!
He says it allows him to

Sleep thru the entire night.

The second customer was brand new
to the CBD world, suffering from migrains.
He had specific questions for Jennifer.
They had talked before.
She answered all his questions confidently and
ultimately convinced him to give it a try.
He purchased the vape variety
and was very positive
about his lack of future migrains.

I know many people who would benefit from
CBD use. They and their pets could avoid
the side affects of pharmacueticals and
find relief from almost any negative condition.

They just need to research, talk to experts and
experiment with dosages.
They need to be assured
they are not taking illegal drugs
or are going to do something
they wouldn't normally do,
like being hypnotized
in a side show. ha.
You won't unless you want to.
Warning: you might feel
that good though.

It's time to head over to the inconspicuous,
"My CBD SHOP", get all the scoop
from Jennifer or Hunter, Make it your shop.
Be in the know, get into the healthy feelin' good,
anti-anxiety, pain free trend and

give CBD a try today!