8510 Montgomery NE
ABQ, NM 87111
(505) 867-2468
ABQ Schedule

Looking for some fun, unusual, maybe a bit educational, trendy, hip entertainment, but just are not into the dark dreary clubs or kid packed loud and chaotic venues. Love to get out and have a glass of New Mexican wine or delicious locally micro-brewed craft beer? Need a family friendly outing, the kids need to be entertained? Want to start a new hobby? Girls Night? Or just looking for a truly unique date night? You need ART THERAPY!?

Look no further...Day or night, 7 days of the week, there is a time that will work for you .

Painting with a twist was an idea created out of necessity after Hurricane Katrina by a group of smart ladies. The unusual business spread fast up and down the east coast, across the country and has finally made its way to Albuquerque. yay!

Kimberly Berg is the proud owner of the 5 month old studio located by Target at Montgomery and Wyomimg. Though Kim is the primary owner, it is definetly a family affair. Daughter Cassie is quite the artist and demonstrates painting techniques on a regular basis. Kim's husband is excited to be the brew master, winemaker and all around support system. Yes, you heard right, wine maker. It is all done on site, so they are legitimately a winery, too.

The franchise concept is easy, perfected and streamlined. All the paintings are copyrited through the home office in Louisiana. The Hydrangea painting, featured above, has been painted over 100,000 times. There are several techniques. Recently they have added the mud method which gives it a 3-D effect. New paintings are submitted all the time, but have to be approved and copyrited by homeoffice. The teachers must paint the paintings several times before the class and then on stage in front, to demonstrate for the guests during the class. By the time of the event, the teachers can paint the painting with their eyes closed. They make it easy for everyone to follow each stroke in the process. The tvs also have close ups of the stage and the teacher/artists painting. The teachers also take breaks to help attendees one on one. (There are all levels - starter to advanced, one and a half hour to 3 hour classes.) Even if you have never painted a painting in your life, you can do it! If you have painted your whole life, it usually sparks your creative juices! Great for kids too! Either way, it's a good time!

The barn door decor is a hint of the original location in Louisiana. A barn was one of the few available locations after the hurricane. However, do not expect hay strewn about in the ABQ location. No, it is clean as a whistle and Kim takes great pride in that. Not a spit of paint on the tables, chairs or walls. You could probably eat off the floor. Speaking of food, bring a picnic, they love it! But please try to keep it on the table. Ha. The bar area is like an old fashioned soda shop. The beers are big and, yes, New Mexican. The music is pop and upbeat. It is a fun, clean, inspiring atmosphere!

The ABQ studio is experimenting with a new concept this month. "Open studio". You get to paint the painting of your choice. Choose from all the options available and everyone in the class paints something different. You must have atteneded several classes prior, but you do get private instruction.

Don't forget "Paint your pet"! Call for details. Some prior set-up is needed.

Next they are thinking about "Paint your own wine glass".

Kimberly and the company are very community and charity oriented. Every month they do an event, "Painting with a Purpose" and half of all profits go to a particular charity. They have hosted "Dress For Success", "Relay for Life" (two seperate factions), LifeQuest USA and, of course, they have an awesome Breast Cancer Awareness event coming in October - Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, October, 18 - 6:00 to 9:00 PM. The painting for the event is gorgeous (the black background butterfly below) and you also get a bag with the same graphic on it. Im going for sure!

They are ready for "Zombie Yourself", one of the more creative exotic classes and of course, "Day of the dead", make it a date night!

They have over 12,000 paintings in their library compared to other competitors who may have 150.
Lots to choose from.

Glasses of Wine. $6 - including:
Blue Teal, Black Mesa, St. Clair, Gruet.

Beer. $5 12oz. $7 16oz. - including:
Marble Brewery, Bosque,Santa Fe

Coffee (delicious rich Louisiana blend),
Softdrinks and tea.
Weeknights: 6:30-8:30
All day Saturday. till 9:00pm

Date Nights - Fri. - Sat.
Each of you do a seperate side of your own canvas.
They match in the end.
So romantic!
Sunday 2:00-4:00

Class Prices: Family friendly-Beginner 1 1/2 hrs. -$25
Easy Adult -2 hrs. -$35
Advanced 3 hours - $45
Extra large Advanced 3 Hrs. - $55
Canvas sizes: 12" x 12", 10" x 30", 16" x 20", 24" x 36", Pincil shape, Pallet Slats, Mud screen technique, winr glasses coming.

New Mexico themed paintings: Sandias, Bosque Cranes, Blue SW Door, Whitesands Truck, Roadrunner and much more coming soon...
Don"t forget your snacks (for the family) and h'ordeuvres (for date night or girls night)...finger food works great while painting.

Most important! They offer "SOS, Save our Stuff". If you are not happy with how your painting turned out, bring it back and an artist will do their best to help you fix it. Details are on the website.

Need some art therapy? How bout a creative get away for a couple of hours? Your family likes a more intimate educational venue, have a charity event you'd like to host or wanna just impress yor partner with a great date that is completely unique? Painting with a Twist is for you!