Colorful. Lively. Energetic.
good "Vibe"...Vibrance.

I was looking forward to trying that new restaurant. I took a few weeks, but finally I did it. I went alone. Alone was comfortable. I love food, all kinds of food, good food, so the new restaurant in the adobe building with tons of sunflowers, an art gallery, a pergola, a fire pit and outdoor seating with umbrellas was a pleasant curiosity for me. I was really looking forward to it.

Vibrance, an establishment since July 2016, did not disappoint. It was all and more than I thought it would be,

Art- Food - Music.

I'm not a "Vegan" per say, though I'm a huge fan of unique cuisine -imaginative, creative and healthy cooked variety. Jack pot! Vibrance did not disappoint. Just flavorful delightful food. "Healthy"is the plus.

Karen Hammer-owner, chef and head chief-started the "Vegan" restaurant in 2016. She's an Albuquerque "Native"via Chicago. She and husband, Rick, ended up in ABQ after she lost both of her parents to cancer. She was ready to shake things up. It took one brief visit and a meer 6 months after visiting NM one time, to make the decision to pack up the three kids and dog and move to Beverly...Albuquerque that is.

After losing both parents to a debilitating illness Karen wanted to help others live healthy lives. Cooking had been a hobby and she was on a mission to learn the most healthy ways to do it. She enrolled in classes, got involved in some health movements, learned about environmental issues, sold essential oils and ended up as a raw vegan chef. (Tiffany does the cooked stuff, more about her later.) Karen calls it healing from living food. "Living Lite". Ask her. She loves to spread the know.
The food was delicious. I went on Sunday, so the buffet was in full bloom. I started with a blueberry smoothie and some assorted prepared salads, including yellow beet and sauerkraut slaw, kale chips and to die for flax seed crackers (made fresh with ground coconut) that I used to scoop ginger hummus and homemade guacamole. Mmmm. Did I say good?

The main courses were lasagna, enchiladas and a thick rich lentil soup. Very flavorful and satisfying.

I could barely wait for dessert, the most decadent part of the Vegan menu. Did I mention Tiffany Nicks? Tiffany is Karen's number one gal, she has many talents, art-face painting and cooked vegan entrees and admits the end of the meal, dessert, is her forte and wow, can she make a mean dessert.

The day I was there they had a variety of delicious dessert choices, Including turtle & chi cheesecake, avocado moose cake. Lucky for me she had made a batch of chocolate fudge balls for the twinkle light parade that happened the night before. I swear I only had one. Wink.

Vibrancy is only open weekends-
Friday, Saturday till 9 and Sunday (brunch). But brunch Is misleading...they are open till 6.

Karen had to include an art gallery for sure, since she is an accomplished artist herself, so the walls are lined with Vibrant large and local art.

AND! The music! A beautiful story in itself...kismit meets Vibrance. Jazzy, energetic...lively. Lovely!

Vibrance you can taste....
smell, hear, touch...yep. See ya there.

1 blk. S. of Rt.66/central
and 1blk E. Of Washington.
(Hop on A.R.T. ) soon!
4500 Silver SE.
Nob Hill.
(505) 629-3401

Vibrance Vegan Buffet